The Role of Our Association

Garison Way Owners Association serves 110 owners and the common facilities surrounding their properties

  • 93 single family homes
  • 2018 Garison Way Aerial17 townhomes
  • 40 acres site
  • A swimming pool and pool house
  • A large fenced in park
  • A linear Park
  • A 4-acre wetland/stormwater area
  • A perimeter buffer area and fencing

The 110 owners in Garison Way must cooperate to maintain the common facilities.  The Association relies on a core group of owners (The Board with 3 to 7 members Board & Committees) who are willing to volunteer their time.  The Board must be elected annually by the owners at large.  In order to elect the Board, at least 33 of the properties must be represented in person or by proxy at the Annual Meeting.  

The Association became owner-controlled in 2016 when Garison Way was nearly built out.  The community is now fully built-out and has a high compliance of payment of the assessment. In 2019, the Association Annual budget was $142,000 and the reserve account had accumulated $114,000.   The Association is organized as a Not-for-Profit Corporation with four Officers of the Corporation: President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary, which are elected each year by the Board and are often, although not necessarily, selected from the Board Members.   The Association is governed by a set of documents and State Statutes.  The primary documents governing the functioning of the Association are included on the Governing Documents  page. Understanding the role of our Association and being committed to support it in whatever role we’re able to, is essential to its success.  The Board hires a management company for the day to day activities but must provide oversight; the Officers of the Corporation provide direct oversight of the management company activities. The management company supervises contractors such as pool service, yard services, lighting maintenance, repairs, etc… under the Officers’ supervision for payment of these services and with Board approval for the selection of the contractors. The Board engages the services of an attorney on an as-needed basis. The Board/Officers oversee the consultants’ activities and the Board is accountable to the owners as shown on the org chart. 2018-12-22 Org Chart and Responsibilities

The Board must hold quarterly Board meetings which are open to all owners.  Board meetings must be noticed to the owners. The Board must report to the owners at least annually and is responsible to ensure that the management company maintains all of the Association’s records in accordance with the governing documents, maintains the property in accordance with the terms of its contract with the Association, and manages the accounts receivable and payable of the Association in accordance with acceptable practices.