2021 proposed assessment

The Board of Directors developed the 2021 Budget for review and approval at the October 6, 2020 Board Meeting. The proposed annual budget is $137,280 resulting in a 2021 annual assessment of $1,248 (or $104/month) for each member of the Association.   The reasonable increase in budget is primarily the result of the following projected needs: …

Clearing misconceptions promotes harmonious community life

For most of us, the decision to live in Garison Way is in part the result of an appreciation for the community common open spaces and amenities. Those benefits come with resulting obligations we have as members of the Garison Way Owners Association. Misconceptions, lack of familiarity with the murky Covenants and Bylaws, and our …

July monthly reports

The following documents are available to all owners on Frontsteps private access portal under Documents/Internal Documents. Drill down to view governing docs, reports, contracts, budget, payment procedures, contact info, etc... Bosshardt's July monthly reports - Maintenance (also shown below) and Financial ReportsBoard’s Comments/Directions on July monthly reports.

Board Meeting July 27

A teleconference Board Meeting has been scheduled for Monday July 27 at 4:00 pm to reconsider a July 14 vote relative to insurance policies renewal.  Log in into Frontsteps for July 14 Board Meeting Minutes and for the Notice/Agenda/Dial in information for July 27 Board Meeting

Villa Owners

Villa owners are members of two associations which can lead to regrettable confusion and frustration to the owners. The two associations are distinct - each a separate corporation, with its own Board, its own governing documents, its own officers, its own property management company, its own budget, its own assessments, its own bank accounts, and …