Your community – your call

We have two important dates right around the corner: October 6 Board meeting to establish our 2021 Budget and November 12 Garison Way Annual Owners Meeting with Board Elections. Notifications and information packets will be posted/distributed. Our Board members are available to answer your questions. YOUR participation is essential if you want your voice to be heard, our community to be well maintained, our property values to be protected. The Association needs volunteers for 2021 and now is the time to get up to speed. Our current group of volunteers has been working hard and it soon will time for another group to take the baton and oversee the business of our Association in 2021 – that’s the only way our Association, a not-for-profit corporation, works!

If you need to understand how our community, our assessments and our property values depend on volunteers, check-out “The Role of our Association” page on this site, talk to a Board member or check out the series of posts on this topic – click on the word “Corporation” next to the # symbol at the end of this post to bring up additional posts.