Metal railing damage along 34th Ave

Today, the Board initiating a claim relative to damage to the metal railing along 34th Avenue.  The railing provides a safety barrier between the sidewalk and a depressed area below grade in the adjacent storm water area.  The integrity of some of the damaged sections might be compromised.  A brief history of the damage and activities relative to this issue are presented below. 

  1. The damage was identified during the February 21, 2020 monthly site visit conducted by Bosshardt and Board members. The damage appeared to have been made by mowing equipment.
  2. The damage and repair needs were documented in the February 2020 Association’s monthly maintenance report with directions to Bosshardt to follow through.  The item carried through each monthly maintenance report to-date.
  3. Subsequent to the May 21, 2020 monthly site visit, the Board became concerned about the absence of progress on this item and the potential safety risk and instructed Bosshardt to secure the areas around the most seriously damaged sections.
  4. The Board raised the need to obtain quotes for the repairs again during a telephone conference with Bosshardt on June 10, 2020 and again during the July 14, 2020 Board meeting.
  5. On September 10, 2020 Bosshardt forwarded the Board one quote for the repairs: two options were considered with associated costs of $8,400 and $9,700, respectively.
  6. On September 10, 2020, the Board requested that Bosshardt secure the area (which had not be done) and report the damage to our insurance agent.

If you have specific information about the damage, please contact the Board.