One reported fall yesterday on slippery sidewalk

We have a walkable neighborhood but slippery sidewalks are a concern reported by several of our residents.  On September 13, someone slipped and fell. Let’s work together to keep us all safe! The Association can facilitate solutions to address this concern but doesn’t have the authority or resources to take this on.  The sidewalks are in the ROW, not in the common areas the Association is responsible for. Despite the summer rain and humidity, not all sidewalks need cleaning- only certain problem areas- caused by a combination of circumstances which are the individual owners’ responsibility: maintenance and operation of the irrigation system to prevent overwatering the sidewalk and mildew growth; proper design and maintenance of the landscape to prevent runoff from the property on the sidewalk; and periodic cleaning of the sidewalk to prevent mildew build up.  Frequent pressure cleaning at the expense of the Association in front of these properties isn’t a viable solution. The Association isn’t responsible for safety in the ROW as a result of actions (or lack thereof) by individual owners. Safety concerns in public ROW should be reported to the County.  A general program to clean all sidewalks would be costly (cannot be done under current budget) and would not adequately address these problem areas in the long run.  The individual owners need to step up. If these areas are adjacent to a common area, the Association needs to step up. The Board has adopted the following approach:

  • Identification of problems areas needing pressure cleaning
  • Break down the work: sidewalks adjacent to common areas and those adjacent to private properties
  • Request of quotes for both components of the work
  • Pressure cleaning under the Association’s budget of sidewalks adjacent to common areas
  • Contact owners of properties involved and provide them the quotes we obtained with a request to attend to sidewalk by their property either as a group or individually to keep all of us safe
Please contact the Board if you have other suggestions.