Is your irrigation controller leaving you scratching your head?

Summertime brings us lots of rain along with scorching heat. Our landscape does pretty well without any irrigation when we get typical daily summer storms to quench the heat and water our yards. Several days without rain can cause some serious problems when the heat index is 103! The standard Hunter irrigation controller owner manual that came with our homes is nowhere to be found? Same for the wireless rain sensor so important to effective irrigation in the summer? Download copies below. Check a few tips to balance cost, water conservation, and happy plants below the image of the quick reference instruction card.

  • Schedule days and duration – to keep it simple only use Program A and make sure none of the days are selected under programs B and C. When in the RUN position, the 3 programs will be executed one after the other. It means that if two different days were set inadvertently under each program, your system runs 6 days a week leaving you scratching your head, your grass growing fungi, and your GRU bill just growing
  • Rain sensor – it’s mounted on the side of the house just below the roof line and it’s prone to need replacement (every 4-5 years). Verify it’s not bypassed on the controller or failed. Adjust the drying time by turning the vent ring on the sensor, if needed.
  • Learn about the reclaimed water we use for irrigation at Garison Way – read earlier post Reclaimed Water – Environmental conservation and cost savings built into Garison Way