Two of our own bring pickleball to Veterans Park!

Gainesville Pickleball is a non-profit dedicated to the promotion of pickleball in North Central Florida and its ambassadors for the past few years have been two of our owners! John and Patty have been the leaders of a successful effort to bring pickleball to Gainesville. Several locations are now offering pickleball thanks to their efforts and those of the many Gainesville Pickleball enthusiasts who have joined them over the years. Veterans Memorial Park was one of the locations John and Patty were determined to add to the list of venues and it’s happening! You will soon be able to simply walk to a pickleball game through the gate on the south end of 73rd Way.

John wrote: “….Gainesville Pickleball has contracted with a court painting company to put down permanent lines for six courts at the “rink” at Veterans Park.  The County has agreed to purchase three more nets and purchase the materials for onsite net storage.  We should get this up an running and work out the bugs before the weather gets nice. Shortly, the County will hold a meeting and propose the master plan of an overhaul of Veterans Park. …… Wash those hands and keep social distancing. Keep Paddling and Bring a Friend(s).  “

E-mail John using the following link if you want to learn more Check out