Clearing misconceptions promotes harmonious community life

For most of us, the decision to live in Garison Way is in part the result of an appreciation for the community common open spaces and amenities. Those benefits come with resulting obligations we have as members of the Garison Way Owners Association.

Misconceptions, lack of familiarity with the murky Covenants and Bylaws, and our natural instinct to get involved only when we have a problem can take a toll on harmonious community life. It can also hinder the Association’s ability to find volunteers to serve on the Board and Committees. Here are some examples of avoidable hassles, our Board of volunteers has fielded which could be easily avoided if all owners had a better understanding of the workings of the Association, its powers, its duties, and its limitations:

  • Request for the Association to intervene in tree maintenance issues between owners of adjacent properties
  • Request to investigate construction means and methods for work performed on neighbor’s property
  • Complaint about lack of enforcement of the Covenants without volunteering on the Covenants/Fines Committee needed for such enforcement
  • Complaint to the Association about violation of County’s Rules and Ordinances
  • Expecting a healthy Association without participating
  • Not understanding penalties set out in Covenants for non-payment of dues 
  • Not understanding that oversight of the Association affairs relies on volunteer owners