Water and electricity in common areas

The Association’s April 2020 monthly utilities charges from GRU totaled $1,380 distributed as follows:

  • Irrigation Water  50% of total
  • Potable Water     2% of total
  • Electric                   48% of total

Report by owners of irrigation system leaks and incorrect settings of irrigation and landscape lighting timers can result in valuable savings of resources and money.

Bosshardt’s CAM conducts a monthly site visit. Our irrigation contractor inspects the system once a month.  We live on site, walk, ride, drive in our community daily. We’re on the front line to spot problems and report them to Bosshardt.  Unattended water leaks can waste thousands of gallons of water and add hundreds of dollars to the utilities bill.

If you see a problem, promptly report the it to Debbie Houdershelt Bosshardt CAM, specially water leaks.