Villa Owners

Villa owners are members of two associations which can lead to regrettable confusion and frustration to the owners. The two associations are distinct – each a separate corporation, with its own Board, its own governing documents, its own officers, its own property management company, its own budget, its own assessments, its own bank accounts, and its own responsibilities.  Find below some key information if you belong to both:


  • Our community consists of 93 single family homes and 17 villas
  • All 110 owners belong to GARISON WAY OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. (GWOA)
  • GWOA is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the common areas consisting of 2 parks, a pool, 2 stormwater management areas, and a common area along the perimeter of the community.
  • From 2017 to 2019, GWOA contracted with Guardian Association Management
  • For 2020, GWOA contracted with Bosshardt Property Management
  • GWOA 2020 monthly fee is $91 to be paid through Bosshardt
  • Questions relative to GWOA should be addressed to Bosshardt and GWOA Board
  • This website is for GWOA membership

The owners of the 17 Villas, located on the NW corner of our community, ALSO belong to GARISON WAY VILLA ASSOCIATION, INC., responsible for maintenance of the villas and of the landscaped areas within the villas right-of-way limits.

  • From 2017 to date, the Villa Association contracted with Guardian
  • The monthly fee for the Villa Association is reportedly $199
  • Excess payment, if any, to the Villa Association from 2017 to 2019 DOES NOT roll over to GWOA
  • Questions relative to the Villa Association should be addressed to Guardian and the Villa Board