2.3 to 11 mile walks/rides thru Kenwood

Kenwood got us beat on quiet roads shaded by old trees.  This time of the year, shade is everything if you want to enjoy a walk. Walk the outer loop only and log 2.3 miles.  Criss-cross doubling over a couple of sections to get on all roads and  you’re clocking 6 miles; do it twice and you got a 12 miles ride right across the street!  No worry about a flat tire – you can easily walk back home.  The area offers some changes in elevation to challenge yourself.  No traffic- no traffic light and only a couple of stop signs. Perfect route to build some speed on your bike if you’re looking to work on your cardio. One of my favorite spot there – an incredible old oak with a canopy, maybe … 200 ft across! Do you want to find it yourself ?  You just want to know where it is? Here is the location