Monthly dues – what we must all know

  • $91 is due on the first of each month made with payment through  Bosshardt Property Management
  • Payment is late by the 15th and interests start accruing
  • Bosshardt send a “friendly reminder” Late Notice by USPS when payment is late
  • Bosshardt send an “Intent to Lien” by USPS Certified Mail Letter with an added administrative charge ($125 + mailings and reproduction costs based on their contract) if payment is not received within 45 days
  • If payment is not received by Bosshardt within 90 days of the due date,  the Board may refer the account to the Association’s attorney for collection and filing of a lien.  The Board may elect to suspend the owner’s rights, including access to the pool, until payment is received.

    Several payment mechanisms are available. The easiest way to avoid extra charges and to be a responsible member of the community is to sign for auto payment on Bosshardt’s Frontsteps Portal .  Then you can simply forget about the whole unpleasant late dues process.