Pool: closure, violations, and re-opening

There is a fair amount of chatter about the closure of the pool.  The closure is currently required under the County stay-at-home order under the language on the second page of the order addressing pools 2020-03-23-StayAtHomeOrder.

Owners have contacted the Association both to request re-opening of the pool and to request stringent enforcement of its closure. Re-opening of the pool will be considered with input from the owners after the order is lifted. We are investigating means to allow re-opening in a safe and equitable manner and in compliance with public health directions.  One option might be reserving the pool for 30-60 mins periods via the Frontsteps private portal.  This approach would limit the number of people at any given time and allow a fair allocation of the community pool. It would be a fairly straight forward system but its success rests on good will and cooperation.  Please feel free to provide us some feed back.

The Association doesn’t have the staff or the resources to provide enforcement of the closure, to enforce distancing protocols, to sanitize the facility through the course of each day, or to prevent anyone determined to disregard the closure to access the pool. Just as the County stay-at-home order, the closure relies essentially on each of us sense of civic duty to comply with the order for the greater good. Given the current situation, it would be regrettable to resort to any kind of enforcement action to address a relatively minor challenge. We trust that all members of our community understand the constraints associated with this emergency situation. Let’s all exercise restraint and patience, and commit to cooperate in implementing a common sense solution equitable to everybody!