Monarch butterflies and humming birds are back in Garison Way

During this stay-at-home period, many of us are spending more time walking around the neighborhood and being more present to our natural surroundings.  By mid -April, butterflies, chrysalis and humming birds have come back in Garison Way.  See if you can spot them and with a bit of luck and patience take of few photos and submit them to post as new sightings in the neighborhood.  Monarch butterflies are about 4-inch across and easy to spot.  Chrysalis are more challenging to find: look for them hanging on the underside of plant leaves or sometimes attached to the wall sidings of our homes.  It might be easier to spot a yard or an area with milkweeds which is where the Monarch lays its eggs. The caterpillar feeds on milkweeds to grow to the size needed to make its chrysalis.  Humming birds (HB) love trumpet shape flowers. Here are a few photos from prior years to guide you in your neighborhood nature walk.

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