Reclaimed water line break and stay-at-home order – lessons learned

GRU fixed the reclaimed water leak on 37th Rd on Wednesday.  Although we might have gotten a bit impatient, in these troubled times we’re grateful that GRU is still serving us.

Many of our residents have been walking around the neighborhood these past couple of weeks – the stay-at-home order has brought many of us to appreciate … a simple walk.  While walking past the leak on 37th Rd, you might have noticed the algae growth – green slime- where the reclaimed water spilled onto the road and along the curbs.  That’s because reclaimed water contains nutrients that promote plants growth. The good news is that as we use it to irrigate our yards, it provides continuous fertilization of our grass and landscape plants.

The other good news is that Patty, one of our owners, cleaned up the slime with her pressure cleaner, once during the leak and once more after the leak was fixed. 37th Rd looks good!

37th Rd ParkThe 37th Rd Park look was spruced up last week when Dorothy’s (our Bosshardt CAM) perseverance got our landscape company to trim the 4 holly trees on the east side of the park – have you noticed?  We also have Dorothy to thank for the spring flowers brightening the entrance of Garison Way this year.

Lesson 1:  People are hard at work during the stay-at-home order

Lesson 2:  People pick-up healthy habits during challenging times

Lesson 3:  Our irrigation water contains nutrients

Lesson 4:  A small initiative by a caring resident benefits us all