Our four-legged friends

Our four legged friends do so much for us. They are the friends always there for us. They provide us company when we feel lonely. They help us deal with life anxieties and challenges when we feel a bit overwhelmed. They bring us joy!

We have a very large four legged friends community in Garison Way – here are just a few…

“Dog people” must keep in mind that some people haven’t had the same long loving relationship with dogs than they have.  For them, the sight on an off-leash dog can create considerable anxiety.  So please, be mindful of people’s difference and keep your dog on a leash while in public areas.  It’s the sensitive thing to do and it’s also the law.

We would like to feature your friend as part of our on-going Four-Legged Friends series. Please submit 1 to 3 photos and a few interesting facts about your friend to Webmaster.  We’ll draft a post for you to review prior to posting.  Check out some prior posts in that series Four-Legged Friend – I’m Paco,    Four-Legged Friend at GW- I’m Libby!,    Four-Legged Friend at GW – I’m Maggie