Garison Way Huddle

Physical distancing and self-quarantine on top of concerns about the economy have become a new reality – it’s going to be a wild ride but we know it’s only temporary.  Community support is a no brainer coping tool.  If you haven’t met your neighbors, take this opportunity to introduce yourself and exchange phone numbers.  We’re not in locked down; we’re faced with what I choose to think of as a short hibernation for our common well-being. Contacts with our neighbors, at a respectable distance, can ease anxiety, remind us that help is a few yards away if we’re in a bind, allow us to be helpful.

Some of us might have to self-quarantine because we are in a vulnerable group or because we might have or have been exposed to the corona virus.  The idea of being homebound can bring us significant anxiety.  Knowing that if we run out of milk, meds, or TP, we have many neighbors willing, able, and happy to drop these supplies on our front porch in minutes can be a tremendous psychological relief.

I know many of us would love to be helpful during this challenging period.  Not always easy to take the first step but we all know it’s worth the effort and perhaps for some of us, the discomfort.  If you’re unable or uncomfortable asking for (or offering) help from a direct neighbor, connect via the Community Communications/ Community Discussion tab on Bosshardt’s portal. It’s up and running and it’s a good platform for residents to request or to offer assistance.  It takes so little effort to pick up a few items for a self-quarantine neighbor while picking up our own groceries. This isn’t the time to be shy!

The Board is available to coordinate this community effort and to connect helpers with residents in need of assistance. Please contact us either through this website contact page or via Bosshardt’s portal.