Thank you for making our social event a success!

We had a nice showing today –  two dozen members stopped by the pool to share refreshments, prepared by Kim, at our Association first ever social event.  We enjoyed meeting each others, finding out how long each has lived in Garison Way, where we moved from, and what brought us here.  We got to speak with our new Bosshardt Management team, Dorothy and Garry who assisted us by making and posting signs for the event even though they won’t be on board until January 18.  Some of  us gave Dorothy a check for February fee to avoid having to mail it, or to avoid forgetting to… – remember that there will be a short black-out period for the February auto payment due to the switch in management Bosshardt Welcome Letter.  While the adults were talking, Grant, did what 5 years old do, jumped in the pool! Lily, his baby sister just dunked her little feet in the cool pool water and did an adorable rendition of her mommy looking for her and saying: “Where are you? Where are you?”.  Jane and Roger were the happy winners of the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens Membership.  Thank you all for a relaxed, friendly,  and successful community building event at our pool!