Let’s feature more four-legged friends!

Dogs (and cats) are great! Garison Way has many resident dogs. Cats are not as visible, so it’s hard to know.  Below are our friends featured in our “four-legged friends” series of posts last spring.  WE WOULD LIKE TO DO ANOTHER SERIES. Contact Webmaster if you would like to work on a post with us about your four-legged friend.  Check out some of last spring posts by typing “Four-legged” in the search box on the sidebar.

Dogs are wonderful loyal companions! There is nothing like a dog to get two strangers to strike an impromptu conversation.  Many of us know the name of each other’s dogs long before we know each other’s name. They help kids learn about responsibilities.  They force us to go out for a walk when we would rather play couch potato. They bring joy in our daily lives!

Please, always pick-up after your dog so your dog-doo is not stuck to the sole of your neighbor’s shoes! lets keep dogs as valued community builders and not community breakers.