SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING for efficient and cost effective maintenance

Each of us has an immediate knowledge of the common areas we frequent the most and thus we are best suited to identify where attention is needed.  If you SEE SOMETHING that needs repair or replacement, SAY SOMETHING – report it to the management company our Association has hired to handle such work.  It’s a good idea to copy the Board to ensure there is some follow through, if needed.

It would be unreasonable to expect a few volunteer owners (Board and Committees members) to bear the burden of constantly patrolling our fairly large common areas to identify needed maintenance and repairs.

It would be cost prohibitive to expect a management company to constantly patrol our common areas to identify needed maintenance and repairs. Their contract requires them to conduct one site visit per month which is sufficient to identify major problems but not to look at any area in great details.

Over the past year, a few of you have reported maintenance/repair needs to me.  I typically have forwarded information I received by e-mail to the Board and have recommended you address your requests/reports to the management company and to the Board.   You can contact me, the Board, and the management company using this link Contact .  It’s encouraging to see owners/residents becoming vested in the efficient operation of our Association.