Critters- big and small

6:00 am – still dark; drinking my coffee on the back porch- two adults raccoons are slowly trekking on top of the perimeter wood fence between my backyard and the park. They start heading down the fence toward my yard. That morning my half-hearted attempt at shooing them is successful.   Raccoons on the fence isn’t an uncommon sight at night in Garison Way. Living next to Veterans Park is such a privilege!  Beautifully maintained big open spaces right next door.  Trees, birds, frogs, squirrels, snakes, opossums, crickets, people, events, memorials, …. – the sounds, the smells – all good! Although I’ve had some disagreements with the squirrels taking first dibs at my fruits and eating the centers of my bromeliads while looking me straight in the eyes. Opossums?  They’re useful animals but can sometimes be a problem.

I don’t welcome armadillos and raccoons but they don’t seem to care! They can cause significant damage to our homes.  Many of us have experienced problems with these animals. They are fairly easy to catch with a live trap but what to do with them once caught? that’s the challenge.  Critter control services are costly and generally come on the top of costs for damages to our homes. We all rally when there is a gator sighting. With armadillos and racoons, we wishful think they won’t chose our home to burrow under or tear through our soffits to setup shop in our attic. Sometimes it works, sometimes it turns out not so well 😩😱

The September love bugs swarm was the worst I’ve seen since moving here – I couldn’t keep them away from my front porch and had to give up the front door for a couple of weeks. I tried! Citronella candles: no help; box fan: no help; vacuuming a few thousands with my shop vac: that seemed to work! The following day was so much better! Perhaps it just happen to coincide with the end of the swarm. I’m so glad they’re gone! They’ll be back in May.

Do you have a critter story to share? Just knowing you’re not the only one with this challenge can be make it easier to tackle. Send your stories, comments, suggestions to Webmaster