Rain and heat – blessings and challenges

GW Entrance make-over is looking good! The newly re-landscaped entrance with multi-colors coleus, roses, and durantas is taking off with a week of rain! Looking forward for the new plantings to fill in and add a touch of colors to our community gateway!

The crepe myrtles are exploding with their plentiful and colorful blooms along our streets.  The grass is  greening fast and so are the weeds!  It’s just about that time of the year when we need to mow and trim once a week to manage the robust wet season growth. It’s also a good time to setup an inexpensive and simple compost bin for all these cuttings.IMG_9712

To learn more about composting visit: https://www.alachuacounty.us/Depts/SolidWaste/Reduce/Pages/Composting.aspx  

You can get the wire bin material free from:  Alachua County Solid Waste & Resource Recovery 5620 NW 120th Lane, Gainesville, FL 32653, Phone: 352-374-5213