James and Bert exemplify neighborly kindness

The kindness of our neighbors is unequivocally one of Garison Way’s most valuable resources.  I’ve personally experienced kindness many times since I moved here in 2015.  Recognizing and celebrating small acts of goodwill encourage all of us to be more thoughtful members of our community. So let’s be inspired by two recent examples!

Leaving town and concerned my grass might grow too tall – not to worry.  James, our neighbor, just smiles and says it will take him a few minutes to run his mower through my grass if needed. Very kind – Thank you James!

Your car sits in your driveway with a deflated tire – not to worry. Bert, our neighbor, notices it on his morning walk. He goes back home, returns with his portable compressor, inflates the tire so you can drive to a nearby tire place.  Very kind – Thank you Bert!

Please contact Webmaster if you have neighbors’ act of kindness you would like to share.