Reclaimed Water – Environmental conservation and cost savings built into Garison Way

Have you noticed the signs at the entrance?  Have you noticed the purple irrigation pipes in your yard and in common areas?  Have you noticed the gentle humming of generators in the distance sometimes while drinking coffee in your backyard on an early morning?All courtesy of our neighboring Kanapaha Water Reclamation Facility.   The facility provides highly treated reclaimed water to selected sites: some iconic such as the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens,  other well-known like Veterans’ Park and Chapman’s Pond, and finally a few communities such as Garison Way.  The costs to pipe reclaimed water to a community and to construct an on-site distribution system are significant and right now few communities have access to reclaimed water in Gainesville.  Our proximity to the Reclamation Facility and the fact that our community was built fairly recently enabled the integral construction of a reclaimed water system for irrigation purpose only.   Major benefits of using reclaimed water include:

  • Conservation of potable water
  • Environmentally sound reuse of highly treated effluent
  • Cost savings
  • Less susceptible than potable systems to watering restrictions during drought
  • Contains some nutrients which may reduce fertilizer needs

Irrigation through reclaimed water also means that the service may be at times temporary interrupted as it’s not considered essential as a potable water system. We must be aware that to maintain the integrity of the potable water system, there must be NO connections between the potable and the reclaimed water system.

The current unit cost of reclaimed water is $0.95 / 1,000 gallons; the unit cost of Tier 2 potable water is $6.00 /1,000 gallons! During growing season, one of our typical yards may be irrigated with 10,000 gallons in a month.  After factoring in the reclaimed water monthly customer charge of $9.10 / month, the estimated cost savings is $41 per month.  In addition, we all benefit from substantial savings on our Association fees for common grounds irrigation.

Here is more information if you’re not familiar with reclaimed water Reclaimed Water brochure