Our young residents are invited to a “Milkweed Treasure Hunt”

At the March 30th Gardening Workshop, some of our youngest residents were fascinated by Monarch caterpillars munching on milkweeds. They observed the beautiful green chrysalis with the gold trim hanging from plants.

They took home their own mature milkweeds with caterpillars and several milkweed seedlings to grow more food to support  a full life cycle.  With a little care and a little luck, they could see a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis in their own yard.  The following week-end some of the children needed more milkweeds because their caterpillars were running out of food; Together we searched and found  more milkweeds and potted them. The children loaded the plants in a wagon and took them back to their homes. Well –  good news! Nature has hidden many more milkweeds seedlings throughout my yard. I welcome all young residents and their family to my yard at 7203 SW 37th Rd on Saturday April 27 from 11:00 to 11:30 am for a “Milkweed Treasure Hunt”.  Children will be shown how to recognize milkweed seedlings and seed pods, how to properly handle them, and will take them home to growth and raise their own butterflies.  I’ll provide all supplies. The children only need to bring their enthusiasm!  Monarch caterpillars will be provided if I have some at that time.