Rented vs owner-occupied homes in Garison Way

The number of rented versus owner-occupied properties is a parameter of interest for our community.  It can impact the ability to engage owners in the Association’s affairs and the resources dedicated to communicate with all residents, including non-owners. One quick and simple approach to establish that ratio is to conduct an advanced search of the County Property Appraiser data for Garison Way to retrieve properties claiming an exemption above $25,000. The result can be used to  identify owners with Homestead Exemptions.  Owners who claim their property in Garison Way as their primary residence are entitled to the Homestead Exemption.  The exemption provides a substantial property tax break with serious penalties for illegally claiming it.  It’s therefore a good tool to get a ball park estimate although it’s not 100% accurate because:

  • Some owners might maintain more than one primary residence and have elected to claim one of their other residences  for their Homestead Exemption.
  • Under a few specific conditions, owners are allowed to claim the Homestead Exemption while renting their home.
  • Owners not familiar with Homestead Exemption rule may either be missing out on the tax benefit or incorrectly claiming it.
  • Owners may have elected not to claim the exemption.

Acknowledging the limitations of this type of analysis, a query of the 2018 Alachua County Property Appraiser records shows that 24 of out the 110 property owners in Garison didn’t claim an Homestead Exemption in 2018.

It is estimated that 22% percent of Garison Way properties may have been rented in 2018. Our community  is primarily owner-occupied.