Gardening Workshop at GW – Seedlings, Cuttings, Seeds, Divisions

Meet your neighbors and the Garison Way Beautification Committee at our first Gardening Workshop Saturday March 30 from 11:00- Noon at GW South Park along 37th Rd.  Learn how to propagate plants from seedlings, cuttings, divisions, and seeds of flowering perennials.  We’ll provide free starter plants to start growing your own perennial in minutes as soon as you walk back home!  As you stroll around GW and admire one of your neighbor’s plants, you’ll want to meet them and hope they will kindly share a cutting, a seedling. or a seed once you know how to propagate it!

Sample of plants available:  Milkweed, cigar plants seedlings (Cuphea), salvia, rosemary, blue eye grass, shrimp plants, gaura, Mexican Heather, walking lilies, perennial peanuts, lion’s ear, king’s mantle, honeysuckle, porterweeds, bromeliads, succulents