Bicycling near GW

I haven’t been on my bike in a while…My ride to Archer this morning reminded how good it is for the soul and the body! Beautiful morning, wild flowers starting to come out, the sights, the scents, the sensations….

What’s keeping you from showing your bike some sunshine? Don’t know where to ride? Worried about vehicular traffic? Don’t want to load the bike to Hawthorne Trail?   I’ve been riding near Garison Way for the past 4 years and have found several routes that take care of all these objections. Need a nudge and a shove to get back on your bike? Don’t want to do it alone?  Occasional and regular riders are equally welcome! Join in for one or both of the two following bike rides:

  1. Thursday March 14- Meet at 8:25 am in front of the pool & departure at 8:30 am.  Short, easy pace ride from Garison Way, thru Veterans Park, 41th Pl,  down on 63th Blvd to Archer and back.  We’ll stop by the beautiful historic Presbyterian Cemetery, ride on an Old Florida Stage Coach Road, and see part of Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.
  2. Sunday March 17- RAINED OUT – Rescheduled to Sunday March 24 – meet at 8:25 am in front of the pool & departure at 8:30 am.  From Garison Way, we’ll follow the bike path along Tower and 46th Blvd to Archer Road.  We’ll have two options : 1. Turn around at Archer and back to GW for a shorter ride;  2. Ride to Archer for a longer ride.

Contact Webmaster if you have questions, suggestions, or would like to share one of your favorite rides.  Check the website for updates in case of inclement weather re-scheduling.