Four-Legged Friend at GW – I’m Maggie

I bet I’ve met and greeted you – I love people! Bert and Rose adopted me 2 years ago. They call me Maggie May. We walk and sniff around Garison Way 4 times a day.  Bert, Rose, and I take long summer trips across this great country and we visit many awesome waterways. Water calls me! See, I’m a retriever lab mix – a water dog!! I’ve swam in more rivers than most of our two-legged friends: the Snake, Colorado and Yellowstone Rivers. But the most exciting were the five Great Lakes:  Erie, Ontario, Huron, Michigan and the granddaddy of them all Lake Superior. Can’t wait Dad- that’s Bert- told me we are headed back there this summer. Oh yes, the National Parks like Grand Tetons shown below are pretty cool too!